Percy's Park - The Badger's Bath

9780001007406: Percy's Park - The Badger's Bath

Badger has had a fantastic day digging and becoming rather dirty, so Percy insists on him having a bath before tea. Badger suddenly disappears, but it's not long before Percy finds out where he's been hiding.

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Nick Butterworth is the author of many internationally acclaimed children’s books including ‘Jingle Bells’, ‘QPootle5’, ‘Tiger’ and ‘The Whisperer’ which won the Gold Award at the Nestle Book Awards. He is best known for his stories about Percy the Park Keeper. Nick has also presented children’s stories on television, created a cartoon strip for The Sunday Express Magazine and worked for major graphic design consultancies. He has two grown-up children, and lives with his wife in Suffolk.

Dalla quarta di copertina:

The Badger had been doing what badgers do best. Digging. He'd had a lovely day and, as usual when he'd had a lovely day, he was filthy dirty.

Percy the park keeper loves to help his animal friends, so when he sees how dirty the badger is, he prepares a special bath with warm soapy water. But just as it is ready, the badger is nowhere to be seen . . .

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