Seymour, Gerald Killing Ground

ISBN 13: 9780001053243

Killing Ground

9780001053243: Killing Ground

Charlotte Parsons, a teacher from Devon, is sent to Sicily by the American Drug Enforcement Agency to infiltrate La Cosa Nostra and expose the heroin trade in this brilliantly crafted thriller.

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About the Author:

Gerald Seymour’s first novel was ‘Harry’s Game.’ Eric Ambler wrote of it:

Dalla quarta di copertina:

'Killing Ground' begins, as it ends, with a shivering baby dying from the heroin addiction she was given while still in her mother's womb.

And with Charlotte Parson's question to Axel Moen of the American Drug Enforcement Agency: 'What will happen to me, if…'
'It went sour on you? Charley… if they'd cause to suspect you they'd kill you – and go home afterwards and eat their dinner.'

And Axel wants Charley, a twenty-three year old teacher living in a Devon village, to go to Sicily, to Palermo, to find Mario Ruggerio, just one grey old man amongst many, but a peasant worth 245 million dollars. A man who strangles his rival to be Capo di Tuti Capi, but who loves his brother's children. Children whom Charley, as their nanny, will have the power to use, to betray…

If she is not betrayed, if she lives…

Gerald Seymour's brilliantly crafted thriller captures, with utter conviction, the drugs trade, La Cosa Nostra's grip on Italy and its international dealings in corruption and death.

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