Collins Birds of Prey

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9780007248148: Collins Birds of Prey

The most complete guide to the 49 species of bird of prey (eagles, vultures, hawks, buzzards, osprey and falcons) found in Europe

Every species has a comprehensive descriptive entry, with the most up-to-date information on population, distribution, status, behaviour, habitat, voice, breeding biology, food and hunting techniques. In addition, a separate section deals with the more detailed identification of the species – major ID characteristics, proportions, regional variations, young, juvenile and adult variation, ID of perched birds, ID of flying birds and a section on other similar species that can be easily confused.

Illustrated with 55 maps, nearly 200 photographs and nearly 1,000 illustrations, this book is essential reading for anyone interested in the birds of prey of Europe.

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‘One book I have not been able to put down … a masterwork on arguably the most charismatic of all bird groups … Benny Gensbol is to be congratulated.’
Sunday Express

‘… a useful identification guide as well as a good read. Admire these majestic hunters while you can. By the next edition some may be extinct!’
Kentish Times


Benny Gensbol and Walther Thiede are two of Europe’s leading raptor experts.

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