Hall, Jerry Untitled Autobiography

ISBN 13: 9780007297719

Untitled Autobiography

9780007297719: Untitled Autobiography

An explosive, tell-all account of one of the world's most glamorous women. In a real rags-to-riches story, Jerry was born in hardscrabble Texas to a gentle mother and a difficult, sometimes brutal, father. Tall, slender and very bright, Jerry finished high school a year early. Determined to see a bigger world, Jerry put $400 from a hospital payout aside (without her father's knowledge) and boarded a plane to Paris. Within days, she had been discovered as a model. Jerry swiftly became one of the world's most instantly recognisable models, an inspiration to countless photographers and a muse to many artists and musicians. Mixing with top designers, artists and photographers from all over the world, Jerry quickly became part of the 1960s rock and roll circuit and found herself at the centre of the media spotlight. The most glamorous cover-girl to hit the world of modelling, she was the must-have face for all the big campaigns. International model, stage actress, TV star, former-Mrs Jagger and mother of four, Jerry's done it all. Jerry has written a gripping story that details her resolute determination to succeed in the fashion industry; the wild things that she and her friends got up to at parties; happy memories of intimate times spent with her family; and exactly what she put up with in her relationships. Jerry lifts the lid on it all, providing a much-sought-after insight into her intriguing world. There are gossipy moments, giggles and heartache. Filled with searing honesty, Jerry Hall: Self Portrait offers a fabulous and inspiring story from a true survivor with a genuine story to tell.

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