Pete Seeger Golden Slumbers Low Price

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Golden Slumbers Low Price

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9780060584399: Golden Slumbers Low Price

Sleep, baby, sleep...

Generations of children have been soothed to sleep by the comforting sound of lullabies. Twenty-four of these beloved bedtime songs are brought together and performed here by some of the best-known folk singers of all time. Accompanied by the guitar, Pete Seeger, Oscar Brand, and many others lend their warm voices to this treasury of traditional music for sleepy children.


All the Pretty Little Horses (Pete Seeger)
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (Oscar Brand)
Sleep, Little One, Sleep (Elizabeth Knight)
Raisins and Almonds (Frank Cooke)
Go To Bed First (Oscar Brand)
Dance to Your Daddy (Jean Ritchie)
Rock-A-Bye Baby (Oscar Brand)
Hush Little Baby (Pete Seeger)
Simba (Oscar Brand)
Bye, Baby Bunting (Ruth Welcome)
Petit Chat Noir (Oscar Brand)
Golden Slumbers(Elizabeth Knight)


Prettiest Boy in the County-O (Jean Ritchie)
Bye'n Bye (Pete Seeger)
Sleep, Baby (Juanita Cascone)
Coventry Carol (Oscar Brand)
Cuc-a-Nandy (Robin Roberts)
Kiowa Lullaby (Oscar Brand)
Lalo (Wallace House)
Can Ye Sew Cushions (Robin Roberts)
Who Killed Cock Robin (Oscar Brand)
Dance to Your Daddy (Robin Roberts)
Little Pierrot (Juanita Cascone)
Sleep, Baby, Sleep (Elizabeth Knight)

‘Rock-a-bye-Baby,’ ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star,’ and ‘All the Pretty Horses’ are just a few of the beautiful songs included in this collection of best-loved lullabies.Performed by folk artist greats Pete Seeger and Oscar Brand, this recording features classic musical gems that have been passed down from generation to generation.Featuring ‘Hush Little Baby,’ ‘Sleep, Baby, Sleep,’ ‘Raisins and Almonds,’ ‘Go to Bed First,’ ‘Kiowa Lullaby.’

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