Fundamentals of Corporate Finance

9780071215596: Fundamentals of Corporate Finance

This book has been applauded for its modern approach and interesting examples. Professors praise the authors' well-organized and thoughtful writing style and their clear exposition of what many students consider difficult material. The authors accomplish this without sacrificing an upto-date, technically correct treatment of core topic areas. Since these authors are known for their outstanding research, teaching efforts, and market-leading finance textbooks, it's no surprise that they have created an innovative and market-driven revision that is more student-friendly than ever. Every chapter has been reviewed and revised to reflect the current environment in corporate finance. - This edition has a greater emphasis on the Internet, with Web addresses given for real world applications of the related topics. Each chapter opens with a list of interesting Web addresses that students will find helpful. - The use of Excel spreadsheets has been greatly expanded to reflect the importance of spreadsheet skills and how they can be used in corporate finance. - The student CD ROM includes new interactive tutorial modules on the TimeValue of Money, Stock and Bond Valuation, and Capital Budgeting. Each module asks students to answer questions and solve problems to assess their understanding of the subject as well as their ability to apply that understanding to real world business situations.

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