Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook

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9780071344128: Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook

Features the full text of "Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook" - the authoritative, classic chemical engineering bestseller: hundreds of interactive elements; on-screen problem-solving - math formulas, calculations, curves, graphs, tables; includes metric (SI) standard units for automatic conversion; complete boolean search capability; hyperlinked table of contents and index; print-any-page option; and compact and portable. It is absolutely ideal for engineers, technicians, and students.

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...electronic version of a well-known print handbook...This program is most useful for users who do most of their work in the field or on the road, where they would carry laptop computers but would not want to take books with them...One advantage of the software is the ability to print specific pages, allowing users to write notes on the pages without the guilt of defacing a book. Upper-division undergraduates and up. ( Choice 2000-12-01)

Descrizione del libro:

Perry's is the most authoritative, comprehensive and best selling book in chemical engineering. In order to make it portable, easily searchable and to add some interactive features to it we have decided to develop an electronic version of this classic work. The electronic product will maintain the integrity of the handbook so that print user will feel completely comfortable with electronic. This means that the extensive table of contents and index will by hyperlink to the appropriate section of the book. The electronic product will have complete boolean search capability. The user will also be able to print out page or pages of the book they desire. Another important feature of the electronic version of Perry's is there will be active tables, graph and charts that the user can manipulate. This product will run on both IBM Compatibles and MacIntosh computers.

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