Complete Wireless Design, Third Edition

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9780071822879: Complete Wireless Design, Third Edition

This practical, up-to-date guide explains how to quickly, easily, and successfully design, simulate, build, and test almost any modern wireless circuit or system needed in today’s consumer electronics.

Fully revised to cover the latest wireless standards and technologies, Complete Wireless Design, Third Edition, is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide that provides for true start-to-finish RF circuit design. It allows any engineer or technician with electronics knowledge to quickly and efficiently design and test almost any modern RF circuit or system. including: oscillators; amplifiers; mixers filters; phase-locked loops (PLLs); frequency multipliers; RF switches; microstrip elements; power splitters; attenuators; couplers; diplexers; antennas.

Using only algebra, this book will allow any engineer to rapidly design virtually any wireless circuit or system required in communications today, as well as successfully simulate, test, and realize their design for production. The book features straightforward and comprehensive design information, as well as worked-out examples with full simulation results for each circuit design.

  • New chapter on wireless standards provides an in-depth introduction to 802.11, WiMAX, Bluetooth, ZigBee, GSM, 3G, and 4G
  • New chapter on integrated circuits design covers RF and analog integrated circuit design
  • Increased coverage of PCB antenna design
  • Includes free, comprehensive simulation and design software

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Cotter W. Sayre has worked as a senior RF design engineer at MediaPhy Corporation, Radix Technologies, and Micro Linear Corporation (now RFMD), as well as a wireless hardware design engineer for 3Com/US Robotics. His specialty is design, simulation, layout, testing, and troubleshooting of wireless transmitters and receivers up to 6GHz.


Ch. 1: Wireless Essentials
Ch. 2: Modulation
Ch. 3: Amplifier Design
Ch. 5: Frequency Synthesis Design
Ch. 6: Filter Design
Ch. 7: Mixer Design
Ch. 8: Support Circuit Design
Ch. 9: Communication System Design
Ch. 10: Communications Antennas
Ch. 11: RF Simulation
Ch. 12: Wireless Testing
Ch. 13: EMI Control and PCB Layout
Ch. 14: Integrated Circuit Design
Ch. 15: Wireless Standards
Ch. 16: General Wireless Topics


Qucs (Universal Circuit Simulator) - RF/microwave linear circuit simulation program
Sonnet Lite - microwave filter EM simulation
Analog Device's ADIsimPLL - rapid design of frequency synthesizers
Agilent's AppCAD - automatic design and simulation of bias circuits, microstrip, RF detectors
AADE's Filter Designer - advanced synthesis and simulation of all lumped RF filters
LTSpice - linear and non-linear AC and DC simulations
Arie's 4NEC2 - full 3D simulation and matching of non-PCB antennas

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