Human Anatomy Laboratory Atlas

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9780072863086: Human Anatomy Laboratory Atlas

Human Anatomy Laboratory Manual by Christine Eckel is a hands-on learning tool designed to guide students through human anatomy concepts through observation, touch, dissection, and practical activities such as sketching, labeling, and coloring. Exquisite dissection photographs capture anatomical details, and a student-friendly writing style uses relevant examples to engage students in concept application. It focuses on human specimens, and also includes common animal specimens such as cow eye, sheep brain, and sheep heart.This manual was expressly written to supplement and expand upon content covered in the lecture course, not to repeat it. It accompanies McKinley/O'Loughlin Human Anatomy 2nd edition, but is also a stand alone product that works well with any 1-semester human anatomy text.

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Chapter 1The Human Anatomy Laboratory

Chapter 2The Microscope

Chapter 3Cellular Anatomy

Chapter 4Introduction to Histology

Chapter 5Integument

Chapter 6The Skeletal System – Bone Anatomy

Chapter 7The Skeletal System –Axial Skeleton

Chapter 8The Skeletal System –Appendicular Skeleton

Chapter 9Arthrology

Chapter 10The Muscular System – Muscle Tissue

Chapter 11The Muscular System – Axial Musculature

Chapter 12The Muscular System – Appendicular Musculature

Chapter 13The Nervous System – Nervous Tissue

Chapter 14The Nervous System – The Brain

Chapter 15The Nervous System –Cranial Nerves

Chapter 16The Nervous System – Spinal Cord and Spinal Nerves

Chapter 17The Nervous System – General and Special Senses

Chapter 18The Endocrine System

Chapter 19The Cardiovascular System – Blood

Chapter 20The Cardiovascular System – Heart

Chapter 21The Cardiovascular System – Blood Vessels

Chapter 22The Lymphatic System

Chapter 23The Respiratory System

Chapter 24 The Digestive System

Chapter 25The Urinary System

Chapter 26The Reproductive Systems




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