Methods of Molecular Quantum Mechanics

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9780124865525: Methods of Molecular Quantum Mechanics
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The last twenty years have seen remarkable advances in molecular quantum mechanics. The traditional methods expounded in the first successful edition of this book have been implemented on a grand scale. In the Second Edition, McWeeny has completely revised the text and has added a wealth of new material and example problems.

Key Features
* Self-contained development of modern quantum theory of molecular electronic structure and properties
* Assumes only an elementary quantum mechanics background
* Mathematical methods (vector spaces, representations, group theory, etc.) built up as required
* Latest advances (use of second quantization, unitary group, propagators all developed assuming no previous knowledge)

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No praise is too high for this excellent book: it presents an admirably perceptive and comprehensive account of theoretical chemsitry.
All in all, this is an excellent new version of an important textbook.
This is a mathematical text of the highest calibre. It is a tribute to the author that the book contains so much material in a rapidly expanding field.....Scientists in molecular quantum mechanics will wish to have this text.
This is a work of scholarship summarizing a long professional lifetime in quantum chemistry.

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