SQLAlchemy: Database Access Using Python (Developer's Library)

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9780132364676: SQLAlchemy: Database Access Using Python (Developer's Library)

The definitive guide to database access with the SQLAlchemy Python

library - co-authored by SQLAlchemy's creator!

° Demystifies the problem of object-relational mapping, and shows Python developers

exactly how to overcome it

° The first book to deliver insider knowledge about the entire SQLAlchemy feature set,

from basic to advanced: both SQL and object-relational features

° Packed with tips for writing more robust, scalable, faster, database software: higherquality

code that's easier to maintain



Authors Mark Ramm and Michael Bayer begin by helping Python developers

clearly understand the challenges of object-relational mapping that led to

SQLAlchemy's creation. Next, they help developers quickly get up to speed on

SQLAlchemy's core features, so they can write efficient database-driven

applications more rapidly. Once developers have mastered the essentials,

Ramm and Beyer illuminate SQLAlchemy's deeper features, showing how to

use them to write code that's faster, more efficient, and far easier to maintain.

This book thoroughly covers SQLAlchemy's SQL construction API, database

engine, metadata system, sophisticated object-relational mapper, dialects for

multiple databases, and much more. Along the way, the authors introduce best

practices for overcoming the challenges of object-relational mapping; and

demonstrate how to harness the power of both object-oriented programming

and relational algebra to write faster software with fewer defects.

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About the Author:

Mark Ramm (Ann Arbor, MI) is Senior Software Developer Optio Software, and author of Rapid Web Application with TurboGears. He is a veteran web developer and Python programmer, and the primary author of Compund Thinking, a blog about IT Management topics. Michael Bayer (Brooklyn, NY) founded the SQLAlchemy project, along with others such as the Myghty web framework and Mako templating language. He remains extremely active in developing, maintaining and supporting SQLAlchemy, and is responsible for its current documentation. Bayer has worked for internet and web development companies in New York City for over ten years using a wide variety of programming and database technologies.

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