Flying Boot: Max and the Machines: CD-Rom PC Version (Nelson Multimedia CD-ROMs)

9780172100012: Flying Boot: Max and the Machines: CD-Rom PC Version (Nelson Multimedia CD-ROMs)
From the Publisher:

Part of a series of CD-ROMs based on Nelson's "Flying Boot" reading scheme, this PC-version disk focuses on the support of early reading skills. It also provides an introduction to the information technology (IT) skills necessary to use interactive media. Many of the activities relate to the content of the storybooks and/or the skills introduced at a particular stage. This disk can be used with a whole class, in groups or by children on their own. The combination of high-quality animation and engaging characters should provide a learning experience that boosts the children's imaginations, and helps them come to terms with the building blocks of pre-reading. The disk is divided into six sections: introduction to the characters; introduction to "Big Boot"; introduction to Max's boots; introduction to Max's machines; Max introduces the children to more machines; and making a book. At the end of each section, a parent/teacher button will be available to suggest related activies that reinforce learning points and integrates the disk with the "Flying Boot" books.

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