The Neuron: Cell and Molecular Biology

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9780195100204: The Neuron: Cell and Molecular Biology

This textbook of cellular and molecular neurobiology has been thoroughly revised to give an up-to-date picture of the biochemical and physiological properties of nerve cells, the mechanisms that generate and regulate their activity, and their roles in development and adult plasticity. It should be of interest to Cellular Neurobiology Courses.

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About the Author:

Irwin B. Levitan, Ph.D., is the Nancy Lurie Marks Professor of Neuroscience at Brandeis University. Leonard K. Kaczmarek, Ph.D., is Professor of Pharmacology and Cellular and Molecular Physiology, and Chairman of the Pharmacology Department at Yale University School of Medicine.


Praise for the First Edition:

"The text is impressively modern, with up-to-date information on the trendiest areas of neurobiology. The book is highly visual, with figures on virtually every page. The figures deserve special comment because they are a teacher's dream: simple and uncluttered, but conceptually powerful. Frankly, although the recommendation is often abused, The Neuron is one of those books that really do belong on every shelf."--Nature

"The authors have produced an extremely well integrated, highly readable, soft-cover volume which can introduce students of neuroscience into the field and graduates into a refresher and review on recent developments in a most readable and logical progression....Interspersed with wisdom."--Journal of the Neurological Sciences

"The authors have risen to the challenge of distillation in this contemporary and useful book. This is a first rate textbook for a course in cellular neurobiology for upper-level university students. The students appreciated the consistent clarity and the uniformity of style. The illustrations are highly conceptual and were easily understood. The up-to-date presentation of many exciting recent findings is a great strength. The authors have contributed a monograph devoted to this subject that is a handy primer for many, and a reference volume for others and their research has contributed significantly to our current understanding."--The Quarterly Review of Biology

"Very well written...This book will be of use in enlightening even senior specialists not directly related to the field such as pathologists and non-neurobiologists...beautifully illustrated....A must for every teaching and research laboratory."--Cell Biology International Reports

"...this [is] an outstanding, easily readable, and quite up-to-date overview of fundamental neurobiology."--Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences "In the summary, this is a superbly written and well-illustated text covering all the major aspects of neuroscientific knowledge....Regardless of the state of knowledge or the specific expertise of the reader, every neuroscientist should keep a copy handy."--om the "Journal of Psychiatry and Neuroscience (Vol. 24, no.4, 1999)." well-illustrated text covering all the major

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