Popular Folk Tales of the Punjab

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9780195475791: Popular Folk Tales of the Punjab

This collection of Punjabi folk tales was compiled from the narratives of people from various parts of the province of Punjab, Pakistan. These tales form a part of the cultural and literary heritage of the subcontinent of South Asia, a region believed to be the birthplace of folk stories from around the world. They represent the human predilection for telling stories that goes back to the beginning of time. The stories are not the creation of a single individual, but the product of diverse minds embodying the traditions of different ages and the emotions and perceptions of countless generations. Such stories have provided the raw material for all great literature today and the novel, the short story, epic poetry etc., in some form or other, are all indebted to the legacy handed down by word of mouth through thousands of years.

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The author, Shafi Aqeel is a journalist, writer, poet, art critic and translator. He has edited and co-edited a number of magazines, and contributed columns on art and literature to the national Urdu language newspaper Jang. He has written numerous books in Urdu and Punjabi, and currently writes weekly book reviews. The author has received a number of awards for his work including the Tamgha-e-Imtiaz, 2004; the Dawood Literary Prize by the Pakistan Writers Guild, 1968; the Pakistan Book Council Best Book Award, 1977; the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Press Club, Karachi, 2005; and the Best Book Award by the Government of Punjab for Sassi Punoon-Hashim Shah.

The translator, Ahmad Bashir was a writer, journalist, and columnist. Ahmed Bashir was born in 1923. Among his Urdu publications are, Jo Milae they Raston Mein, Dil Bhatke ga, and Khoon-e-Jigar Hotae tak.


  • Preface
  • 1: Sweet as Salt
  • 2: The Fan of Patience
  • 3: Two Thugs
  • 4: The Timid Tiger
  • 5: Prince Ruby
  • 6: The Precious Handkerchief
  • 7: The Wise Pigeon
  • 8: The Cat Princess
  • 9: The Foolish Crocodile
  • 10: A Bad Bargain
  • 11: Four Friends
  • 12: Princess of the Golden Hair
  • 13: Fate versus Wisdom
  • 14: Princess Pomegranate
  • 15: The Step-Brother

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