Trackers: Giraffe Trackers: Variety Fiction: Class Pack of 12

9780198386308: Trackers: Giraffe Trackers: Variety Fiction: Class Pack of 12

Trackers gives struggling readers the motivation and interest to want to read. It teaches and practises high frequency words, phonics, syntax and semantics, whilst complementing and extending the Additional Literacy Support (DFES) and Further Literacy Support (DFES) initiatives. The teaching support, high quality PCMs in the Teacher's Guides has been written for the range of adults who work with struggling readers. Trackers Variety fiction enables the struggling reader to read the same authors as their peers whilst broadening their reading experience. Other Trackers strands, available for all Trackers levels, are: Non-fiction, Space School Stories, Space School Stories software.

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About the Author:

Jan Mark is a prestigious children's author and has been writing children's books for 30 years. She has won many awards for her writing and is a twice winner of the Carnegie Medal, for THUNDER AND LIGHTNING and HANDLES Jon Blake has written many books for children as well as for television and
radio . Kate Ruttle is the series Editor for Quest, e-Quest, Read-at Home series and Writers Workshop (due to be published 2006) She has also published assessment tracking resource and a handwriting course for CUP. She has been the series editor for the whole of the Trackers series. She is a
practising primary teacher (Advanced skills teacher for literacy) and she contributes regularly to education journals.


[Jake's Alien]:
I would be happy to use this book with a group - massive opportunities for language development and extension work

It has appeal for any age group in the primary school

The ending is unpredictable and wonderful with lots to speculate about later

I would happily use this as a class novel (lower or missed ability) in literacy lessons (just the right length to read (to inspire national literacy strategy objectives).

[the child] loved the story and the illustrations and found plenty to talk about

There is also plenty to read in the illustrations both literally in the words and by inference which results in lots of talking opportunities

The vocabulary has interesting but not too taxing

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