The Geology of Antarctica (Oxford Monographs on Geology and Geophysics)

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9780198544678: The Geology of Antarctica (Oxford Monographs on Geology and Geophysics)

This authoritative volume is designed to bridge the gap between Antarctic geological researchers and other geological communities. The text describes all major rock units found in Antarctica, and reviews Antarctic palaeontology, geophysics, petroleum prospects, and mineral resources. It also provides a guide to the scientific literature, and to current ideas on the geological composition, structure, and evolution of the continent. Attention is drawn to geological features of Antarctica that are significant from the wider perspective of global geology.

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About the Author:

Robert J. Tingey, Senior Research Scientist, Bureau of Mineral Resources, Geology, and Geophysics, Canberra.


`. . . detailed but broadly-based and well-balanced volume.'

`. . . timely volume'

`This excellent account of the geology of Antarctica rightly emphasises the scientific results and observations in Antarctica which contribute in no small way to our understanding of Earth history and global processes. It is an outstanding and accessible work which deserves to become the most
widely used and essential reference and resource book for students of Antarctic geology and those wishing to look at Antarctica in the broader context of Gondwana and global geology.' Times Higher Education Supplement

'This excellent multi-authored work provides a comprehensive continent-wide survey that should help rectify the problem and introduce a much wider audience to the geology of the southern polar continent.'
Aslib Book Guide, Col. 57, No.8, August 1992

'With this book I think Tingey will achieve his goal of stimulating wider interest in Antarctic geology ... I think he has done a commendable job ... I think this will prove to be a useful reference book for both experienced and novice Antarctic geologists ... the value of Tingey's book as a
guide to the older literature will remain high for some time to come'
Scott Borg, National Science Foundation, Washington, Science, Vol. 260, April 1993

'Each chapter provides a thorough review of its subject and is supported by a good or, in some cases, a very extensive reference list. Bob Tingey is to be warmly congratulated on his achievement, which is equally as great as his contributors ... at last, the last continent has a long-awaited
single volume describing its geology. It is an essential work for any geologist working in Antarctica ... extremely good value for money.'
Polar Record 29 (169) April, 1993

'this book is an excellent source of background descriptive information to accompany research papers concerned with more detailed process-oriented aspects of Antarctic geology ... This book is a source of reference ... should provide an invaluable starting point for the earth scientist wishing
to break into these and other fields of Antarctic geology.'
Ian Fitzsimons, Earth-Science Reviews, 34 (1993)

'it admirably achieves the first requirement of documentation and description of the geology and correlations within Antarctica ... Indeed, the amount of information presented over a very broad spectrum of geology in this book is vast, and the extensive reference lists provided with each
chapter form an invaluable research resource in themselves ... It is an outstanding and accessible work which will become an essential reference for students of Antarctic geology in particular and global geology in general.'
S. Harley, Tectonophysics, 227 (1993)

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