Erich Steiner The Chemistry Maths Book

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The Chemistry Maths Book

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9780198559146: The Chemistry Maths Book

The Chemistry Maths Book is a comprehensive textbook of mathematics for undergraduate students of chemistry. Such students often find themselves unprepared and ill-equipped to deal with the mathematical content of their chemistry courses. Textbooks designed to overcome this problem have so far been too basic for complete undergraduate courses and have been unpopular with students. However this modern textbook provides a complete and up-to-date course companion suitable for all levels of undergraduate chemistry courses. All the most useful and important topics are covered with numerous examples of applications in chemistry and some in physics. The subject is developed in a logical and consistent way with few assumptions of prior knowledge of mathematics. This text is sure to become a widely adopted text and will be highly recommended for all chemistry courses.

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About the Author:

Erich Steiner is at Exeter University.


"Contains all the mathematical methods that 99% of chemists would need. Designed as a text for an actual Maths for Chemists course, it is laid out in a logical progression from simple (decimals, algebra, and functions) to the more complicated but no less important (matrix algebra, differential equations, and matrix eigenvalue problems). It seems well suited both for its stated purpose and as a 'brush-up' book for undergraduates, graduate students, and others . . . . I am impressed with this book. I am sure that it will remain open on my desk and will become well worn in short order." --C. Michael McCallum in Journal of Chemical Education

"An excellent quick reference. . . .Unlike most quick references of its kind, it also contains historical footnotes that add depth to its overall educational value. . . .Clearly written with excellent diagrams."--Choice

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