Craig, Park and Paulsson on International Chamber of Commerce Arbitration

9780198719823: Craig, Park and Paulsson on International Chamber of Commerce Arbitration

International Chamber of Commerce Arbitration is a hands-on guide providing a critical evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages at every step in the arbitral process including practical facts, figures, pragmatic suggestions and warnings.

The book is essential to anyone who is involved in ICC arbitration, or who may have to consider the use of an ICC arbitration clause. Published in cooperation with the International Chamber of Commerce, this text covers every aspect of ICC arbitration. The authors, seasoned experts, provide a detailed description of the arbitral process from the formation of the agreement to arbitrate to the appeal of the enforcement, covering in detail the important rulings of the ICC and their potential impact on future awards. The fourth edition has been fully updated to take account of the 2012 ICC Rules of Arbitration.

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  • 1: General Characteristics
  • 2: The Organizational Framework
  • 3: Costs
  • 4: Types of Arbitration Agreements
  • 5: The Validity of the Arbitration Agreement
  • 6: Indispensable Elements
  • 7: Generally recommended Additional Elements
  • 8: Occasionally Useful Elements
  • 9: Pathological Elements
  • 10: Bringing Arbitration Under the Rules
  • 11: Arbitral Jurisdiction
  • 12: Constituting the Arbitral Tribunal and Determining the Place of Arbitration
  • 13: Arbitrator Disqualification or Incapacity
  • 14: Advance To Cover Costs
  • 15: Terms of Reference
  • 16: Rules Governing the Proceedings
  • 17: Choice of Substantive Law
  • 18: Amiable Composition
  • 19: Arbitral Awards
  • 20: The Court's Scrutiny of Awards
  • 21: Determination of Costs
  • 22: Entering Into Effect of the Award
  • 23: ICC Arbitrators' Approach to Fact Finding
  • 24: Written Proof and Arguments
  • 25: Hearings
  • 26: Fact Finding and Interlocutory Measures Ordered by Arbitrators
  • 27: Emergency Arbitration
  • 28: Ancillary Proceedings Before National Courts
  • 29: National Constraints on ICC Arbitration
  • 30: The Uncitral Model Law
  • 31: Arbitration involving States and State Entities

Le informazioni nella sezione "Su questo libro" possono far riferimento a edizioni diverse di questo titolo.

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