Oxford Readings in Greek Lyric Poetry

ISBN 13: 9780199216192

Oxford Readings in Greek Lyric Poetry

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9780199216192: Oxford Readings in Greek Lyric Poetry

Oxford Readings in Greek Lyric Poetry contains 17 studies on Greek Lyric, Elegiac, and Iambic poetry by leading international academics drawn from the last three decades, 3 of which are translated here for the first time. Divided into general studies on themes and case studies on specific poets, they are preceded by a detailed introduction by the editor, Ian Rutherford, which surveys the recent trends in scholarship on Greek Lyric. The volume also contains an up to date bibliography to promote further research into the field.

This volume will be a useful resource for students and scholars interested in Greek Lyric and its developments.

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Ian Rutherford is Professor of Greek at the University of Reading. His main interest is in Greek poetry and religion, especially pilgrimage, ancient Anatolia, and the relations between Greece and Egypt


  • IntroductionIan Rutherford:
  • Part 1: General Themes
  • Claude Calame: Greek Lyric Poetry, a Non-existent Genre?
  • Malcolm Davies: Monody, Choral Lyric, and the tyranny of the hand-book
  • Wolfgang Rösler: Real persona or poetic persona?
  • Gregory Nagy: Genre and occasion
  • E.L Bowie: Early greek elegy, symposium, and public festival
  • Simon Slings: Symposium and Interpretation
  • Andrew Ford: The Genre of genres
  • Part 2: Studies on Specific Poets
  • E. Robbins: Alcman's Partheneion
  • Bernd Seidensticker: Archilochus and Odysseus
  • Ralph M. Rosen: Hipponax, Boupalos, and the conventions of the Psogos
  • Robin Osborne: The Use of Abuse: Semonides 7
  • Leslie Kurke: Crisis and Decorum in Sixth-Century Lesbos Reading Alkaios Otherwise
  • Andre Lardinois: Keening Sappho
  • Anne Burnett: Jocasta in the West
  • Giovanni Cerri: The Significance of the 'Sphregis' in Theogins and the safeguarding of textual authenticity in antiquity
  • Margaret Williamson: Eros the blacksmith
  • Glenn W. Most: Simonides' ode to Scopas in Contexts
  • Acknowledgements
  • Bibliography
  • Index

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