Norman S. Nise Control Systems Engineering

ISBN 13: 9780201337983

Control Systems Engineering

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9780201337983: Control Systems Engineering

This book emphasizes the practical application emphasizes of the subject to the analysis and design of feedback systems. The problems and Matlab coverage have made it one of the most popular books on the market.

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From the Back Cover:

What types of control systems will you face in the real world?

The same ones you'll face in Nise's Fourth Edition of CONTROL SYSTEMS ENGINEERING.

Emphasizing the practical application of control systems engineering, this Fourth Edition shows how to analyze and design real-world feedback control systems that support today's advanced technologies. The text presents material in a logical and progressive way that builds and supports your understanding of key concepts, and provides insight into the design of system configurations and parameters, using both qualitative and quantitative explanations. As an added benefit, you'll learn how to apply MATLAB®–industry standard computer software–to the analysis and design of control systems.

Key Features

  • Presents clearly defined steps for design problems.
  • Progressive case studies, which use the same physical system in each chapter, provide a realistic view of each stage of the control system design process.
  • Skill-assessment exercises at the conclusion of most sections test your ability to perform the analysis and design discussed. In addition, the text provides numerous in-chapter examples, review questions, and problems.
  • Tutorials in the appendices introduce you to the latest versions of MATLAB, the Control System Toolbox, Simulink®, the Symbolic Math Toolbox, and MATLAB's graphical user interface (GUI) tools (the LTI Viewer, the Simulink LTI Viewer, and the SISO Design Tool).
  • Experiments using MATLAB, Simulink, and the SISO Design tool at the end of most chapters give you the opportunity to expand your knowledge by performing "what if" experimentation.
  • An accompanying CD-ROM provides valuable additional material, such as stand-alone computer applications, electronic files of the text's computer programs for use with MATLAB, additional appendices, and complete solutions to skill-assessment exercises.
  • Control Solutions powered by JustAsk!®, an online problem-solving tool, walks you step-by-step through over 150 end-of-chapter problems and skill-assessment exercises. Available at extra cost.

About the Author:

Norman S. Nise

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