9780203146620: Railway Geotechnics

Good rail track and rail operations depend on good geotechnics, in several different ways and at varying levels.

This comprehensive reference covers track, track substructure, load environment, materials, mechanics, design, construction, measurements, and management, illustrated with case studies, with an emphasis on geotechnical aspects of railway engineering. It discusses these topics from a historical perspective, and outlines the methodologies and best practice developed over the past 20 years.

It is written primarily for professionals and graduate students, and begins with the fundamentals and basic principles, leading in to practical applications. The authors bring considerable experience and expertise, with many years of research and development, academia, railway operations, and consulting.

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All the authors are American consultants. Dingqing Li is with the Transportation Technology Center at the Association of American Railroads, Ted Sussmann is with Volpe Transportation Systems Center, Jim Hyslip is with HyGround, and Steve Chrismer is with Amtrak.


1 Track, 2 Loading, 3 Substructure, 4 Mechanics, 5 Drainage, 6 Embankments, 7 Measurements, 8 Management, 9 Case Studies

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