Group, Books The Southern Review (Volume 7)

ISBN 13: 9780217106498

The Southern Review (Volume 7)

9780217106498: The Southern Review (Volume 7)

Book may have numerous typos, missing text, images, or index. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. 1831. Excerpt: ... blanque, and by Beck, are within the reach of every inquiring reader. England, too, has furnished a valuable contribution to . legal medicine, in the work of Dr. Christisou on poisons. In a notice of this work, and of those of Orfila, which we propose hereafter to criticize, we shall have room to demonstrate the absolute necessity of the sciences which we have here only mentioned. The more, indeed, the human mind extends its researches, the more numerous and intimate are the relations which it discovers between subjects, which, te common observation, seem te present nothing in common. If, at last, the mind is wearied and discouraged by the extent and complexity of its pursuits, let the candidate for eminence accumulate all within the compass of his powers; seeing first that he has mastered that which he professes, with all the advantages to be obtained from the more immediately collateral branches of knowledge. Art. III.--1. 1572, A Chronicle of the Times of Charles the Ninth. Translated from the French of Prosper Meri•mee. Author of " Theatre de Clara Gazul," "La Jaquerie," " Matteo Falconi," &c. New-York. 1830. 2. La Saintc Ligue, ou la mouche, pour servir de suite aux annates du fanalisme, de la superstition et de Vhypocrisie. Par Pigault-lkbrun. Paris. IH29. No nation has manufactured und consumed works of fiction more largely thun the French. While they hnvedeluged Europe with their works of this class, they have not been less anxious to receive from every quarter in return. They have translations of all the Creek and Roman novelists, of Boccacio, the tale-writers and canzoni from the Italian, of Goethe, Pichler and Vandervelde. from the German ; of Richardson, Fielding, Smollett, Scott, Bulwer, Cooper, &.c. from the English, not to mention those from the Arabic, Persian,...

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