The Tehuantepec Railway; Its Location, Features, and Advantages Under the La Sere Grant of 1869

9780217108812: The Tehuantepec Railway; Its Location, Features, and Advantages Under the La Sere Grant of 1869

This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1869. Excerpt: ... directions, in the United States, and taken out in pieces, and put up in conformity with liis directions. The shorter bridges, and trestles over ravines, and approaches to permanent bridges, and other places where, for facilitating the completion of the work, rapidity of execution is of importance, timber structures will be used until after the opening of the road, when they will he replaced either by solid banks, arched masonry, or iron bridging, as may be most to the interest of the Company. These structures will be carefully planned, of heavy, durable timber, and well put together with iron bolts, and in a workmanlike manner, agreeable to the method adopted on first class roads in the United States. IV.--TUNNELS. The tunnels which may be needed will be of a full size for a single track road, that is to say, of a clear width of IS feet, and a height of 11) feet above rails. In the event of the rock or other material encountered in the excavation of the tunncl proving treacherous, or liable to failure, the same will be properly arched with brick, leaving the dimensions in the clear of the tunnel as above stated. V.--GAUGE AND RAIL. Omitting in this place the arguments and discussions upon which the decision is based, it will be sufficient to state that the experience of many years use of various gauges in the United States has demonstrated the fact that, neither in nct tonnage transported, nor iu speed or safety or economy, have the wider gauges established any superiority over the narrower gauge of 4 feet 8£ inches, whilst in a new enterprise, especially, it has manifest disadvantages. Accordingly, it is proposed to adopt the prevailing gauge in use in the United States, viz., of 4 feet M inches. The dimensions and weight of rail proposed is that o...

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