New Edition of Clift's First Geography, or Guide to the Map of the World

9780217183680: New Edition of Clift's First Geography, or Guide to the Map of the World

This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1852. Excerpt: ... 59. The governments of Asia are all despotisms. There is law, but the rulers are above the law. They act in spile of the law, whenever they please. § I.--General Divisions. 1. Hindoostan is divided into four large portions, called Northern Hindoostan, Hindoostan Proper, the Dekkan, and Southern India. 2. Northern Hindoostan is that part of the country which lies along the south side of the Himmalaya Mountains. Its chief divisions are 1. Cashmeer, 2. Sirmoor, 3. Gurwal or Streenuggur, 4. Kumaoon 5. Nepal. 3. Hindoostan Proper lies between Northern Hindoostan and the river Nurbudda, by which it is bounded on the south, and by a line drawn from the source of that river eastward to the mouth of the Hoogly. It is divided into the provinces of 1. Lahore or the Punjab, 2. Delhi, 3. Oude, 4. Bahar, 5. Bengal, 6. Mooltan, 7. Ajmeer or Raj poo tana, 8. Agra, 9. Allahabad, 10. Sind, 11. Kuch, 12. Guzerat, 13. Malwa. 4. The Dekkan lies between Hindoostan Proper on the north and the rivers Gutpurba, Toombudra, Kistna and Gundigama, by which it is bounded on the south. It is divided into the provinces of 1. Khandesh, 2. Gondwana, 3. Orissa, 4. Berar, 5. Aurungabad, 6. Bedet, 7. Hyderabad, 8. Northern Circars, 9. Bejapoor. 5. Southern India, the last division of Hindoostan, includes all the country to the south of the Dekkan. Its chief provinces are, 1. the Dooab, 2. Ceded Districts, 3. Northern Carnatic, 4. Kanara, 5. Mysore, 6. Baramahal, 7. Central Carnatic, 8. Eoorg, 9. Salem, 10. Malabar, 11. Coimbatore, 12. Travancore, 13. Southern Carnatic. § II.--Chief Town. Nobthbrn Hindoostai. 6. In Cashmeer, Cashmeer on the Jelum, 150,000 inhabitants; Islamabad. 7. In Sirmoor, Simla, Subathoo, and Nahan. 8. In Gurwal, Barahat and Sreenuggar. 9. In Kumaoon, Almora. 1...

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