St. George and the dragon

9780217214384: St. George and the dragon

This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated.1893 Excerpt: ... CELTIC WORDS: GLOSSARY. N adding a few words with their significant meanings, my aim is to communicate to non-students the pleasure enjoyed in turning over the pages of Dr. Jago's work on "The Cornish Dialect," and again of Miss Courtney's valuable "Glossary," when I was too worn-out by previous over-work to discover for myself that the Cornish accent is pure Celtic, not Teutonic. And it is not only amusing but instructive to find the analogy of words used by the old Cornubians and by ourselves:--C being hard in Celtic was, of course, the same in their old word Cynt, our modern Kent; 0, probably as in our Old; Bod, a house or dwelling, being our Abode; Dol, a Dale; and Tol-men (the holed stone) bringing in our Tollman or Tollgate: Men or Maen, stone or quarry, the origin of our modern "Main-coal": its plural Myin (Stones), telling of the Mines this wonderful county abounds in. Thus the author in the First Edition of this "Localised Legend," veiling her well-known nom de plume of B.B., or Busy Bee, under the Celtic Guanon, a Bee (its pronunciation as a dead language being optional), by placing the accent on the two last syllables, evidently achieved her incognita by GU-ANON. Aman: upwards An Dinas: the stronghold; the fortification An Diwedh: the end Aoi: ahoy! hurrah Archail: archangel Aree: an exclamation of wonder Baal: the sungod Bedh: a grave Bedh-a-v6n: a tombstone Bigal: a shepherd Bleidh: a wolf Blewac: hairy; shaggy Bodhar: deaf Bos, or Bod: a dwelling Bowesva: a resting-place Bras: great Breilu: a rose Bredhar: brother Bren: a tree Brethon:' Britons Bresons, or Brisons: prisons Byssy: to pray; diligent; important Caer: a town or city Carac: a rock Caradoc: Caractacus Cairn, or Cam: rocks Celtic: Phoenician Child-vean: little child Chy-bos: the old ...

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