Leixlip Castle, by Emolibie de Celtis

9780217230698: Leixlip Castle, by Emolibie de Celtis

This historic book may have numerous typos, missing text or index. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. 1883. Not illustrated. Excerpt: ... "Ian' Bradly's boys, Sam an'Moses, wor stanin' in Dame-street," replied Grub; "just goin' to cross to the river to take the wherry, when comes along Cap'n Cornal O'Byme, of Comal's Court, a fellar as I can't abide. On the hinstant hoff goes his 'at to a priest wot comes up, an' stops to shake 'andswith'im,an' seein' the cove as wouldn't condescend to notice me, as he seed me often enough, to know well, in places, all smiles, an' cap in 'and to the friar, it riz my dander, an' I says to the priest--a igh lookin' sort o' fellar--' I seed the day such walkin' mantraps would 'ave to clear hout o' the way smart, along with their cobwebs for catchin' flies.' With that, the Cap'n turns, an' without no more provocation, 'its me a blow would fell a hox. I'd 'ave paid 'im quits; but while we're at it, up comes Fitz Adelm, an' Plantaganet Tudor, and De Rivers, a pair of dratted weathercocks for changing, an' not in partiklar good repute, an' that tarnation conceited fellar, Harold Sigurd, a greater don in his way than his everlasting chum, Sir Ulio de Burgh, an' that popinjay, Lionel Aylmer; so yer may guess we wor at it, for we gathered our own 'elps--Bill Baxter, an' DickHoey, Jem Thompson, an' Bob an' Sandy Hog, an' a lot more--an' sure as oockles, wed' 'ave drubbed 'em gents, as'ad only cane swords, but for the galoot in the frieze coat wot comes along with that wicious young colt of hisn; an' ven they pitched in with bludgeons, it wor at a hend--least-ways for the toime; for I 'ave it in my nose to 'em, an' 'opes to show as 'ow I can do wot I loike with my own, to Sir Harold, who ups one day an' asks me before the 'aughty Sir Ulio, an' Sir Gregory O'Byrne, an' Fitz Adelm, a smirkin' loike a fool, if it wornt a pity to 'ave dismantled the foine hold Castle, to build th...

Le informazioni nella sezione "Riassunto" possono far riferimento a edizioni diverse di questo titolo.

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