Getting on in the world; or, Hints on success in life

9780217256117: Getting on in the world; or, Hints on success in life

This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated.1882 Excerpt: ... INDEX. Ability generally finds recognition, 17,50. Accuracy, 168, 169. Adam, Dr. Alexander, teacher, 213. Adams, John, 46. Adams, John Quincy, his punctuality, 173; his economy of time, 274. Addison, his failure as Secretary of State, 122; his painstaking, 227,232. Adrian VI., Pope, 92. Advantages, 202. Adversity a blessing, 201-204. Eschylus, 61. Agassiz, naturalist, 200; on money-making, 287. Ainsworth,Bobert, his destroyed MSS., 224. Alexander, Dr. J. W., on sermons, 74; on faith, 53; on bits of knowledge, 277, 278. Alexandre, glove-maker, 98. Allen, Andrew Jackson, 106. Americans.toooftenjacks-at-all-trades, 70; an imitative people, 100, 101; their impatience, 258; their haste to be rich, 308; their lack of indi-viduality, 95; their fast living, 334, 335. Angelo, Michael, 42; his love for his art, 67; his application, 226, 234; his proposal to fortify Florence, 248. Application, 164-166. Archimedes, 93, 278. Argyle, Duke of, his elocution, 148. Arkwright, Richard, inventor, 92. Aristotle, his attention to bodiculture, 57. Arnault on rest, 274. Arnold, Dr. Thomas, of Rugby, his politeness, 157; on energy, 191; on inferior abilities, 350. Assurance, 180-185, 187. Astor, John Jacob, 290. Asylums, often an evil, 89, 90. Audubon, his destroyed drawings, 225. Aurelius, Marcus, 274. B. Bach, John Sebastian, 40. Bacon, Lord, 44; on books, 119; his moral weakness, 122; his note-books, 227; contrasted with Macau-lay, 245; on riches, 288. Balzac, 214. Barrow, Dr. Isaac, 58; his studious ness, 229; his mental grasp, 246. Beecher, Henry Ward, on mental power, 54; on manner, 144; his In-diana pastorate, 216; his drill in elocution, 236. Beecher, Dr. Lyman, 236. Bembo, Cardinal, 231. Bentham, Jeremy, on happiness, 114; on habit, 160. Beethoven, on Rossini, 89; his ign...

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