Trees and flowers, fruits and gems; or, Things beautiful and rare in Scripture

9780217257183: Trees and flowers, fruits and gems; or, Things beautiful and rare in Scripture

This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated.1848 Excerpt: ... EOSE. (Can. ii. 1.) Theee are certain little words in every language, the mere mention of which seems to produce delightful sensations on the mind, akin to those which sights, and sounds and scents are known to impart. A species of talismanic influence is attached to them; and in all seasons of the year, and under almost every possible situation, they produce at least a modicum of the same effect. This is pre-eminently the case with the Kobe. Who has not felt it? No flower has produced equal themes for the poet, or more numerous subjects for mythological allusions. And while the master-spirits of Persia, Arabia, Greece, and Borne, have sung with overpowering sweetness its praises, for elegance of form, richness of colour, and fragrance of scent, the poets of our own land have warbled their notes divine, and, with equal power and sweetness, sung the Rose! Naturalists number fifty-three kinds of this flower, of which the Damask rose and the "Rose of Sharon" are considered the finest. How much the Jews were delighted with this fine specimen of Nature's handywork is evident from the comparisons in Ecclesiasticus xxiv. 14. The rose-bud, or opening rose, seems in particular to have been a favourite ornament among that people. The Jewish sensualists, in Wisdom, ii. 8, are introduced, saying, "Let us fill ourselves with costly wine and ornaments, and let no flower of the spring pass by us. Let lis crown ourselves with rose-buds, before they are withered." A literal rendering of the passage at the head of this article would perhaps be "The Rose of Sharon," "a flower of the field." A better account of this subject cannot be given than is found in the " Pictorial Bible:"--" "We believe there can be little doubt that the rose is really intended by the Hebrew word; even...

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