The Bible and the child; the higher criticism and the teaching of the young

9780217278256: The Bible and the child; the higher criticism and the teaching of the young

This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can usually download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1897 edition. Excerpt: ... By Frank C. Porter, Ph.D., PROFESSOR IN THE YALE DIVINITY SCHOOL. VII. The question how far the results of the historical criticism of the Bible should be used in the instruction of children is, for those who accept these results, in part a question of truth, and in part of expediency; but it is also in part a question of profit, and in this aspect I wish to consider it. The historical criticism of the Bible means the use of its books as historical sources; and this means that the student does not value the book simply as a book, but is looking for something that lies behind the book. The question, not indeed of the right--let this be taken for granted--but of the worth of criticism, resolves itself, therefore, into the question, Which is of greater value, the book as a book, or the historical facts and persons behind the book? Does critical study take us from the less to the greater, or from the greater to the less? If it leads to the less, we need not trouble children and the world at large with it; if to the greater we must offer the new treasure to all. We cannot accept the historian's natural answer to the question, for his common thought is an overvaluation of his work. To be sure, the movement from fiction to fact is a movement up, but the movement from truth to fact is a movement down. It does not much matter whence Shakespeare got his stories, and how much fact, how much fiction they contain; and the critic, who must ask these questions, should not suppose that he is doing the greater thing in answering them. Scholars will analyse and excavate in the effort to go back to Homer, and decide whether he was one or many, and 151 THE CHILD. 131 icts what was fact, what fiction, about ok? Troy and its fall. But the story is rom worth...

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