The Vampire Nemesis and Other Weird Stories of the China Coast

9780217284479: The Vampire Nemesis and Other Weird Stories of the China Coast

Book may have numerous typos, missing text, images, or index. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. 1905. Excerpt: ... Death-Grips. i. IT is but ten fleeting months since I stepped proudly from the little Beulah Chapel in Seward Road, the husband of the sweetest, daintiest gir that breathes, with every excuse for acknowledging myself the happiest man on earth; yet here I sit now, toying idly with my pen, about to commence a ghastly confession, of the details of which I am still unashamed, wondering if it can be true that happiness and blissful content ever were so nearly within my grasp. I hardly know at which point to commence my ghastly story. Am I to begin with my first meeting with Arnold Rawdon? If so, I doubt if I can remember now where it was that I first met the man. I believe it was at the Masonic Club. By profession Rawdon was a dentist, with a practice in Szechuen Road. He was certainly not a robust man, yet inclined to run to flabbiness with excess of fat. Conjuring up his face in the mirror of memory, I find there is scarcely a remarkable feature to record. He had a weak-looking, sensuous mouth, watery blue eyes, set very closely together, so closely, in fact, as to give the whole face a look of cunning when the vacuous expression was not predominant, and sandy hair. Stay, though. There was one peculiarity about the man which I fancy struck me in those early days of our acquaintanceship--it was obvious enough later. When he was excited or angry the hair from the back of his head to the nape of the neck used fairly to stand on end and bristle, as one sees the hair bristle on the neck of an angry cat. I can recollect remarking what a peculiarly weird appearance it had--a look that, striking some strange chord of sympathy in one's own mind, produced that eerie creeping of the scalp one experiences when in the austere presence of the unknown. There was a something repellant about the man's ...

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