Wilcox, Estelle Woods The Dixie Cook-Book

ISBN 13: 9780217330213

The Dixie Cook-Book

9780217330213: The Dixie Cook-Book

This historic book may have numerous typos, missing text or index. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. 1883. Not illustrated. Excerpt: ... MISCELLANEOUS. For Ivy Poison.--Apply sweet-oil. Rust In Iron.--Kerosene-oil will remove it. To Scour Tins.--Use whiting moistened with kerosene. Melted Snow--produces one-eighth of its hulk in water. To Remove Pinger-ring.--Hold hand in very cold water. Squeaking Boots.--Drive a peg into the middle of the sole. When To Paint.--Oil-paint lasts longer when put on in autumn. Morocco Leather--may he restored with a varnish of white of an egg. To Drive Nails.--Nails dipped in soap will drive easily in hard wood. Leaky Roofs.--A cement made of sand and white-lead paint will stop leaks. To Krep orp Flies.--Paint walls or rub over picture frames with laurel-oil. Door-latches And Locks--will work easily and quietly if oiled occasionally. Sealing Wax--is made of two parts of beeswax and one of resin, melted together. To Clean Eemine.--Rub with corn-meal, renewing the meal as it becomes soiled. Paint.--New woodwork requires one pound of paint to the square yard, for three coats. To Clean Strel.--Unslaked lime cleans small articles of polished steel --like buckles, etc. To Harden Wood.--Cut the wood in the shape desired, and boil eight minutes in olive-oil. To Clean Russia Iron, mix blacking with kerosene, and it will look ■early as well as new. Coal Fire.--If your coal fire is low, throw on a tablespoon of salt and it will help it very much. Ink Spots On Books.--A solution of oxalic acid will remove them without injuring the print. Leaks About Chimnrys--may be stopped by a cement made of coal-tar and sand, neatly applied. Postage Stamps--will stick, and not turn up at the corners, if the face is wet after applying them. In Beating Eggs.--Do not have one particle of the yolks with the whites, for tf so they will not froth nicely. Berry Stains.--The fumes of a brimsto...

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