The Roman traitor; or, the days of Cicero, Cato and Cataline ; a true tale of the republic Volume 1-2

9780217369183: The Roman traitor; or, the days of Cicero, Cato and Cataline ; a true tale of the republic Volume 1-2

This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can usually download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1880 edition. Excerpt: ...less of preparation. The wonted cohort only was gathered about the standard on the bridge gale of the Janictdum; but even these bore neither shields, nor javelins; and sat or lounged about, unconcerned, and evidently off their guard. lut the keen eye of Catiline, could mark the band of groy-lunickcd (Jladiutors, mustered, and ready to assume the offensive at a moment's notice, though now they were sauntering about, or sitting down or lying in the shade, or chatting with the country girls and rustic slaves, who covered the sloping hill-sides of the Janiculum, commanding a full view of the Campus Martius. "The Fools!" muttered Catiline. "The miserable, God-deserted idiots! Does the man of Arpinum deem me then so weak, to be disarmed by an edict, quelled by a paltry proclamation 1" Then, as the stout smith, Caius Crispus, passed by him, with a gang of workmen, and a rabble of the lowest citizens, " Ha!" he exclaimed, " hail, Crispus--hail, brave hearts!--all things look well for us to-day--well for the people! Your voices, friends; I must have your voices!" " You shall--Catiline!" replied the smith--" and our hands also!" he added, with a significant smile and a dark glance. " Catiline! Catiline--all friends of the good people, all foes of the proud patricians, give noble Catiline your voi ces I" " Catiline! Catiline for the persecuted people!" and, with a wild and stirring shout, the mob passed inward through the gate, leaving the smith behind, however; wbc stopped as if to speak with one of the Cornelian client, but in reality to wait further orders. " When shall we march"--he asked, after a moment or two, stealthily approaching the chief conspirator. " Before they have called the prerogative century to vote, or when the knights are in the...

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