The art of extempore speaking. Transl

9780217378185: The art of extempore speaking. Transl

This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1858 edition. Excerpt: ... CHAP. III. MENTAL APTITUDES FOR PUBLIC SPEAKING, CAPABLE OF BEING ACQUIRED, OR FORMED BY STUDY. The dispositions which can be acquired, or formed by study, come next after the natural aptitudes of the mind, and these will be the. subject of this chapter. We give the name of acquired dispositions to certain aptitudes of mind, the germ of which is no doubt supplied by nature, but which may be called forth and developed in a remarkable manner by instruction, practice, and habit, whereas purely natural talent, although it also may be perfected by art, resembles, nevertheless, to a certain extent, that instinct which attains its object at the first effort. It may even happen that a remarkable acquired ability, such, for instance, as the art of speaking rhetorically, has but slight natural root, that is, but little real talent, producing nothing except by dint of art, practice, and toil; but if the natural root be absent, however beautiful the products may at first appear, people soon feel their artificial character and want of life. The acquired mental aptitudes are, the art or method of thinking, and the art or method of saying. But before considering them, we will say a few words about the orator's fund or store of acquirements, which must not be confounded with acquired qualities. § 1.--Acquisitions or Fund needful to the Orator. The orator's capital is that sum of science or knowledge which is necessary to him in order to speak pertinently upon any subject whatever; and science or knowledge are not extemporised. Although knowledge does not give the talent for speaking, still he who knows well what he has to say, has many chances of saying it well, especially if he has a clear and distinct conception of it. "What you conceive aright you...

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