The drama of transition; native and exotic playcraft

9780217383387: The drama of transition; native and exotic playcraft

This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated.1922 Excerpt: ... FOREWORD In a sense, despite the title of this book, there is no such thing as a transition drama. Playwrights follow their calling for money or for fame, or for whatever else you will, but not for the purpose of establishing compact compartments in a historical survey. A world always in flux is a world ever in transition; change is the law of life. Indeed, Mr. Dukes, in an excellent book upon the drama, has made use of the term transition in a sense quite the opposite to that which it bears in our present title. Employing as his example the German designation Uebergangsmensch (i. e., one belonging to the transition), he selected it for its connotation of advancement to an ever beckoning goal. His conception of transition-men was thus the heroic one of leaders at first reviled, then but half understood even by their admirers, and only at last triumphant among the few who really count. That is a valid interpretation and one of which Mr. Dukes made such good use that some ten years later a countrywoman of his, Storm Jameson, elaborated it into a valiant book which, together with that of Mr. Dukes and other contemporary critics of the drama, will receive due consideration in the pages that follow.1 The more current acceptation of transition, how 1Mr. Havelock Ellis, in the Postscript to the sixth and final volume of his remarkable Studies in the Psychology of Sex, has expressed the dynamic conception of transition so well that I cannot forbear quoting him (pages 641-642): "But the wise man. standing midway between both parties and sympathizing with each, knows that we are ever in the stage of transition. The present is in every age merely the shifting point at which past and future meet, and we can have no quarrel with either. There can be no world without tra...

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