Practical materia medica for nurses

9780217532662: Practical materia medica for nurses

This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1913 Excerpt: ... emetic, 16 to 60 minims (1-4 c.c). Its action as an emetic is so depressing that it is now rarely used. Tincture of Lobelia (Tinctura Lobelias).--From 5 to 20 minims (0.3-1.2 c.c.); as an emetic, 1 to 2 drams (4-8 e.c). Infusion of Lobelia (Infusum Lobeliae).--One ounce to 1 pint of water. Dose, 1 to 6 drams (4-22 c.c). It is sometimes used externally as a lotion in the treatment of ivy-poisoning. Lobelin Sulphate (Lobelinae Sulphas).--From to 1 grain (0.01-0.06 gm.). I/Ogwood. (Hematoxylon).--Action and Uses.--Logwood is the wood of a small tree (Hamatoxylon campechianum) growing in Central America. It contains tannic acid and a coloring principle, hematoxylin. It is used chiefly as a mild astringent in the diarrhea of children. It imparts to the stools a blood-red color. Dose.--Extract of Hematoxylon (Extractum Haematoxyli).--From 5 to 30 grains (0.3-2.0 gm.). Fluid Extract of Hematoxylon (Extractum Haematoxyli Fluidum).--From 1 to 4 drams (2-15 c.c). I/OSOphan.--Action and Uses.--Losophan is an iodin-containing antiseptic, appearing as colorless, odorless crystals, soluble in diluted alcohol but insoluble in water. It is sometimes employed in the form of an ointment or alcoholic solution (1 to 10 per cent.) in the treatment of parasitic skin-diseases. I/Ugol's Solution.--(See lodin) I,upulin.--(See Hops) I/ycopodium.--Lycopodium is a fine yellow powder composed of the spores of certain species of moss. It is used chiefly as a protective and absorbent in chapping of the skin. i/ysol.--This is a brown, oily liquid, having the odor of creasote, obtained from tar-oils, and containing about 50 per cent. of cresols. Lysol is used in surgical and gynecologic practice as a disinfectant and antiseptic. When added to water, it forms a clear, soapy liquid, which m...

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