The Heimskringla (Volume 1); A History of the Norse Kings

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9780217545488: The Heimskringla (Volume 1); A History of the Norse Kings

Book may have numerous typos, missing text, images, or index. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. 1906. Excerpt: ... KING OLAF TRYGVASON'S SAGA. PRELIMINARY REMARKS. Hitherto the narrative has been more or less fragmentary. With Olaf Trygvason's Saga reliable history begins, and the narration is full and connected. The story of Hakon the earl is incorporated in this saga. Accounts of Olaf Trygvason may be found in Od the Monk's legendary saga, in parts of Agrip, Historia Norvegiae, and in Thjodrek. Icelandic works on this epoch are: Egla, Eyrbyggja, Finboga, Floamanna, Fsereyinga, Hallfredar Saga, Havardar Saga, Are's Islendinga-bok, Kristni Saga, Laxdsela, Ljosvetninga, Njala, Orkneyinga, Viga Glums Saga, and Viga Styrs Saga. The skalds quoted are:--Glum Geirason, Eyvind Flnson, Skaldaspiller, Einar Skalaglam, Tind Halkelson, Eyjolf Dadaskald, Hallarstein, Halfred Vandraedaskald, Haldor Ukristne, Skule Thorsteinson, and Thord Kolbeinson. 1. OLAF TRYGVASON'S BIRTH. King Trygve Olafson had married a wife who was called Astrid. She was a daughter of Eirik Bjodaskalle, a great man, who dwelt at Oprustader. But after Trygve's death (963) Astrid fled, and privately took with her all the loose property she could. Her foster-father, Thorolf Lusarskeg, followed her, and never left her; and others of her faithful followers spied about to discover her enemies, and where they were. Astrid was pregnant with a child of King Trygve, and she went to a lake, and concealed herself in a holm or small island in it with a few men. Here her child was born, and it was a boy; and water was poured over it, and it was called Olaf after the grandfather. Astrid remained all summer here in concealment; but when the nights became dark, and the day began to shorten and the weather to be cold, she was obliged to take to the land, along with Thorolf and a few other men. They did not seek for houses unless in the night-time, when...

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