Slavery in South Carolina and the Ex-Slaves; Or, the Port Royal Mission

9780217552424: Slavery in South Carolina and the Ex-Slaves; Or, the Port Royal Mission

This historic book may have numerous typos, missing text or index. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. 1862. Not illustrated. Excerpt: ... BOYS--TORTURK WHITE TRASH MAKING THEIR MARK. 281 all manner of tortures, to train them, and to break the spirit of slave children, it is supposed. Oh! one must be Here, to see the prints of the chains which have bound, from the very birth, these poor fellow-sinners. What could have induced you, reader, had choice been possible, to have been born and reared under such influences?--no restraint, in many cases, upon a single passion or action--what? The wealth of the whole world? Certainly not; for were it possible for once to avoid sin and debasement in such circumstances, yet such a man must be miserable by an immutable law of our being. Said an officer, " I opposed slavery, when I came here, on account of the blacks. Now I oppose it almost entirely on account of its awful effects upon the Whites." "Yes," said we, "how awful, every way, and for them to use every measure, and constant, intense effort, and influence to put poor Whites below Negroes, and teach their slaves to show that they despise them by every means. How awfully mean that is." "Well, all that is very true; yet those are not the grounds upon which I now most oppose it. It is because it so imbrutes the masters. They, as a mass, are SatisFied with merely domineering, and glorying over the Negroes, and care not for improvement. Few, comparatively, in their whole army can write. In a case of a large number of soldiers, all, or nearly every one, had to make their mark. Then there is not a respect in which the system does not paralyze ambition, and debase them. Yes, I oppose the system now, solely from what I see of its effects upon Whites." Not always that the "White trash" is poor, but that he has no one to domineer over, puts him down. So IT EVER IS, MUST, AND WILL BE, UNDER SLAVERT. How awful, to see...

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