St. Solifer with other worthies and unworthies

9780217562249: St. Solifer with other worthies and unworthies

This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1891 Excerpt: ... ANTVEUS. Eastward of London, where the fringes of the city overhung a green skirt of gardens, was a bridge (I speak of two hundred years ago) over a low brook, which sometimes was a ditch, being run dry. At the east end was a handsome elm, very old, to which a rail of the bridge was fastened. A huge branch of the root was bare of soil. Thither, late in the afternoon of a fair day, came one Master Dunn, a farmer's man, as known by his dress, and sat himself down on the bared root-stem. Said he: "I hear he is staying with a knight in the country, and passes this way to the Apollo. Now I am here, sooth I feel a knocking at my ribs. But if he is more than I, by being a poet, I am as much as he by being a man. I will deal roundly with him. Though I be but a plowman, I'll not think myself a fool till I be proved so. I have read a few books in a few hours--a small pasture, but cropped close. What if all my books in the world be a spare six--nay, not six, only five, if I count out the almanac! Have I not read them all a dozen times, twenty times? And for each time conned, have I not found in each book another book? Therefore I count I have read as much as a hundred books read once. Belike more; for it is better to measure myself with a good man to his utmost than wrestle slight bouts with many. Ay, I will be round with him, though he lord it over Apollo wits never so. Here he comes. Hereat comes along Ben Jonson. Dunn. Good even to you, sir. Jonson. Good even to you, friend, and thank 'ee. Dunn. I thought not a brave gentleman would use words so lightly. Jonson. Ah! Why lightly? Dunn. Did you not say "Friend?" Jonson. Ay. Well? Dunn. Yet you pass on as mum as an enemy with the watchword. Jonson. Thou'rt a fine fisherman, good fellow; you jerk a man back with a wor...

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