Nieritz, Gustav The Little Drummer

ISBN 13: 9780217597395

The Little Drummer

9780217597395: The Little Drummer

Purchase of this book includes free trial access to where you can read more than a million books for free. This is an OCR edition with typos. Excerpt from book: CHAPTER III. THE GOOD SON. Early on the third morning after the events related in the preceding chapter, a man in a black cloak was seen to issue from Master Wunsch's door, carrying a child's coffin, slung round his neck by a broad strap. He was followed by a woman in mourning garments, and by the saddler's three children, Augustus, Bertha, and Robert. Their eyes were swollen with weeping, and the tears still flowed fast, as the little group wended their way through the empty streets towards the neighbouring cemetery. The beams of the rising sun tinged the white tombstones and the black crosses with a golden lustre, as the great gate swung creaking on its hinges, and admitted the mourners. Everything around seemed to tell of death anddecay,—the angels with inverted torches— the skeletons with scythes—the weeping statues on the tombs. Stopping before a newly-made grave, the bearer unbuckled the coffin, and set it gently down. "Do you wish to see your little sister once more?" kindly inquired the nurse. The sobbing children nodded assent, and the coffin-lid was thrown back. There, with her pale face surrounded by a chaplet of roses, and her tiny hands grasping a wreath of summer flowers, lay the little Emily. The expression of perfect repose in her countenance gave her the appearance of a sleeping angel. Even in her lifetime the child had never appeared more lovely than now, as she lay cold in death. At this sight the mourners broke out into loud lamentations. Stooping down to kiss the cheek of his little sister, Augustus started back with a shudder at its icy coldness. But thenurse said solemnly—"Let the dead rest; disturb them not, they are happy!" The coffin-lid was shut, the cords creaked as the yawning grave received its prey, the service was over, and little Emi...

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