Wise Sayings of the Great and Good

9780217658638: Wise Sayings of the Great and Good

This historic book may have numerous typos, missing text or index. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. 1876. Not illustrated. Excerpt: ... that has not its distinct and respective interpreter in the glance of the eye, and in the muscling of the countenance. When nature is permitted to express herself with freedom by this language of the face, she is understood by all people, and those who were never taught a letter can instantly read her signatures and impressions, whether they be of wrath, hatred, envy, pride, jealousy, vexation, contempt, pain, fear, horror, and dismay; or of attention, respect, wonder, surprise, pleasure, transport, complacence, affection, desire, peace, lowliness, and love. The Fool of Quality, Chapter ix.--H. Brooke. LAUGHTER. Analysis of There is a passion that hath no name; but the sign of it is that distortion of the countenance which we call laughter, which is always joy: but what joy, what we think, and wherein we triumph when we laugh, is not hitherto declared by any. That it consisteth in wit, or, as they call it, in the jest, experience confuteth; for men laugh at mischances and indecencies, wherein there lieth no wit nor jest at all. And forasmuch as the same thing is no more ridiculous when it groweth stale or usual, whatsoever it be that moveth laughter, it must be new and unexpected. Men laugh often (especially such as are greedy of applause from everything they do well) at their own actions performed never so little beyond their own expectations; as also at their own jests: and in this case it is manifest that the passion of laughter proceedeth from a sudden conception of some ability in himself that laugheth. Treatise on Human Nature.--Thomas Hobbes. LAW. Law, Man's sole guardian ever since the time When the old Brazen Age, in sadness saw Love fly the world! The Walk.--Schiller. LAW. Definition of Law is a bottomless pit; it is a cormorant, a harpy that devours e...

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