A little Norsk; or, Ol' pap's Flaxen

9780217670968: A little Norsk; or, Ol' pap's Flaxen

This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1892 edition. Excerpt: ...the boys, I mean. Will Kendall he is the nicest feller you ever seen. He has got black eyes and brown hair and a gold watch-chain with a locket with some girl's hair in it, and he said it was his sister's hair, but I told him I didn't believe it, do you? We had cake and popcorn and lasses candy; and Will he took me out to supper. Bert was reading the letter, and at this point he Btopped and raised his eyes, and the two men gazed at each other without a word for a long time. Then Anson laughed. "She's gittin' over her homesickness. She's all right now she's got out to a sociable." After that there was hardly a letter that did not mention Kendall in some innocent fashion among the other boys and girls who took part in the sleigh-rides, parties, and sociables. But the morbidly acute Bert, if he saw, said nothing, and Anson did not see. "Who d' y' s'pose this Kendall is?" asked Anson, one night late in the winter, of Gearheart, who was reading the paper while his companion reread a letter from Flaxen. "Seems to me she's writin' a good 'eal about him lately." "Oh, some slick little dry-goods clerk or druggist," said Bert, with unwarrantable irritation. "She seems to have a good 'eal to say about him, anyway," repeated Anson, in a meditative way. "Oh, that's natural enough. They are two young folks together," replied Bert, with a careless accent, to remove any suspicion which his hasty utterance might have raised in Anson's mind. "Wal, I guess you're right," agreed Anson, after a pause, relieved. This relief was made complete when in other letters which came she said less and less about Kendall. If they had been more experienced, they would have been disturbed by this suspicious fact. Then again, when Anson wrote asking "What has become of that Kendall...

Le informazioni nella sezione "Riassunto" possono far riferimento a edizioni diverse di questo titolo.

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