An Analysis of Aristotle's Ethics, With Questions

9780217677219: An Analysis of Aristotle's Ethics, With Questions

This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1829. Excerpt: ... Why have both sorts virtually the same number of terms?--9. Is the proportion observed in justice disjunctive or continuous?--10--14. How is injustice contrary to proportion?--14. How does Aristotle prove that a man may act unjustly as well by taking to himself too little under certain circumstances as by taking too much?--15, 16. Chap. 4. What is the other sort of particular justice?--1. Explain the difference between this and distributive justice.--2. What proportion must be observed in corrective justice, and why?--3. On what principle should the administrator of corrective justice proceed?--4. Between what extremes is corrective justice a mean?--6, 9. In what sense does Aristotle here use the words loss and gain?--5, 6. To whom do men betake themselves when they have a quarrel, and what is his office?--7. Describe the manner in which he proceeds.--8--12. What is the nominal definition of BUaiov7. From what sort of contracts are the terms gain and loss derived?--13. In settling what sort of contracts is justice employed?--14. Chap. 5. What definition of justice was adopted by the Pythagoreans?--1. Is retaliation absolutely the same as distributive justice?--2. Give Aristotle's reasons why To dvrnreirov6bs Clttxcos is not corrective justice.--3--5. May not retaliation, when subject to a certain modification, be considered the bond of society?--6. Give Aristotle's reasons why a man should retaliate both good and evil.--6. What is here said about the temple of the graces?--7. Explain what is meant by diagonal conjunction.--8. What illustration does Aristotle give of this?--9. Whence arose the necessity of money?--10. What is really the measure by which things must be estimated?--11--13. What is the definition of money, and whence does it derive its name?-...

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