American Democracy; Its History and Problems

9780217679961: American Democracy; Its History and Problems

This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1921. Excerpt: ... INDEX A Abgeorgnetenhaus, House of Representatives of Prussia, 224 Abolition Movement, 138, 181 (Whittier) Abridgement of Freedom of speech forbidden, 162 Absolute Majority, tyranny of, 248 Acclamation of King, IS Act of Union, Ireland 1800, 44 Adams, John, at beginning of American Revolution, 66/ on committee for Declara-tion of Independence, 85; absent from Constitutional Convention, 100; Jefferson his vice-president, 118; Hamilton, his secretary of treasury, 121; on political parties, 133; Alien and Se-dition acts, 162; on speech by James Otis, 176; on Isolation of United States, 281 Adams, John Quincy, 165-167, "Tariff of abominations" to defeat him, 141; Monroe Doctrine, 165; fought " Gag rule", 166; on president's power to free slaves, 167; Secretary of State for Mon-roe, 284-286; opposed joint declaration with England, 286; stand in dispute with Russia, 286; portrait and note, 287 Adams, Samuel, beginning of Revolutions, 66; Committees of Correspondence, 67; ab-sent from Constitutional Convention, 100; Ratifica-tion of Constitution, 110, 155; belief in Common Peo-ple, 159 Addams, Jane, influence as a citizen, 349 Adjustment of State and Fed-eral Government, 123 Administrative Law, 49 Alabama Claims, 297 Alaska, dispute with Russia, 284 Albania, 264 Albany Plan of Union, 158 Alfred, King of England, 17 Algeria, under French Sphere-of Influence, 270 Allegiance, in a Federal Repub-lic, double, 114, 123, 301 Alien Act, 162 Alien, status of wife of, 303 Alliances, European, to isolate France, 266 The two great alliances: The Triple Alliance, and the Triple Entente, 266-7 Alliances, Permanent, Wash-ington's warning against, 156; Jefferson's and John Adams's views, 281; entry into Great War, 328 Alsace, during French Revolu-tion, 201 Alsace-Lorraine, impe...

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