An impartial history of Ireland from the period of the English invasion to the present time (Volume 3)

9780217772648: An impartial history of Ireland from the period of the English invasion to the present time (Volume 3)

This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated.1810 Excerpt: ... from, or under them, or any of them, in satisfaction of any adventures, or arrears due unto them or any of them, or for any other recompence or reward whatsoever, but the same and every of them shall be, and are hereby vested and settled in and upon his royal highness James, duke of York and Albany, earl of Ulster, &c. to have and to hold to his said highness, his heirs and assigns, &c." "Let all the world judge of the validity of such a title: I am mistaken if any court of justice in the universe will admit it pleadable, even in favour of a second or third descent, unless whereihe parties themselves (as in this case) arc judges; since nemo potest plus juris in alium transferre, quam ipse habct.... "I pass by those many other courtiers of less note, who, tasting his majesty's favours, wanted not their shares in these spoils through the artifice of the prime minister, who resolved by these means to rise and strengthen enemies to a nation he designed the destruction of; and that by engaging so unexceptionable a person as his royal highness, &c. to partake of the plunder, the interest might be the better supported, his own violation of justice, and his friends usurpations might appear less horrid or barefaced, to all such as were no sufferers by it, and therefore would not enquire farther into the matter, stuck at nothing to attain his end. "These are the odious ways and methods, by which the unpitied, though deserving Irish, are precluded from the very hopes of ever being restored to their inheritance. And can any benefit be expected from what the adventurers and soldiers are required to refund, in favour of the poor Irish, who were actually decreed innocent, when the court swallows all the stock of reprisal, by its daily exorbitant grants thereof?.... "It wi...

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