An Address to Brian Edwards, Esq; Containing Remarks on His Pamphlet, Entitled, "Thoughts on the Late Proceedings of Government, Respecting the Trade ... United States of America." by John Stevenson

9780217774086: An Address to Brian Edwards, Esq; Containing Remarks on His Pamphlet, Entitled,

This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1784. Excerpt: ... f&s to which I allude. Though public virtut seems to be at a very low ebb, I trust that it is not yet wholly gone from us; and 1 am convinced, that a very great majority of the community still wish Great Britain to be venerable among the nations of the earth. The remainder of the sentence conveys, in my opinion, an illiberal reflection on the conduct and situation of our country. Discard, above all things, and in the fulness of disdain, that low vindictive principle of womanly resentment. This, Sir, has much the appearance of a vindictive expression. For my parti know of no instance in our public conduct which discovers a secret malignity and revenge, nor have you thought proper to state any, unless the proclamation of the second of June, 1783, which you have given in page 7th can be called secret. Our open and avowed hostilities would, in all human probability, have succeeded against the Revolted Colo nies, but for the daring and unnatural conduct of their abetters here. Here, the cause of American rebellion was repeatedly and ably pleaded here the battles of the Revolters were fought; and here they obtained those victqrits, and that independency, of which they and their friends now so Joudly boast. 'You conclude your tract in the following words, Surely, we are at this time sufficiently humf bled, both in our own eyes and those of the world, to learn a lesson from the school of afflic "tion. m tion. If misfortunes like ours will not teach us M wisdom, we are, indeed, a devoted people, and "fate has fixed her seal upon our ruin." That we are humbled, both in our own eyes and those of the world, I freely admit; but whether we are sufficiently humbled to learn a lesson from our discipline in the school of affliction, I shall not take to determine....

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