Chesson, Nora Hopper Aquamarines

ISBN 13: 9780217785266


9780217785266: Aquamarines

This historic book may have numerous typos or missing text. Not indexed. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. 1902. Not illustrated. Excerpt: ... MAY Lent lilies sweeten all the air, And winter waiting fades away--Life is well-nigh too sweet to bear, And spring too dear a word to say. MAY Can you not hear us calling, May, May? The fern's unfolding And the vetch beholding The day. Soft dew is falling Where the rose shall be, And a whitethroat's calling To the elder tree, "Break, buds, break: Leaves, awake--Air's clearer, life's dearer, May's nearer Every day." Old Earth has heard us calling, "May, May!" The lilac-buds give answer, The aspen is a dancer Before May's pageant's here. The whitebeam blossoms peer Out of their folding leaves, The swallows from the eaves Come down to say, "We heard her footsteps falling Far away." For her the cuckoo's calling, And the woodpigeons drawling In their secret bower; Air's clearer, life's dearer, May's nearer Every hour. PEAR-TREES IN BLOSSOM Across the waiting lands May sent his word, A whisper only, but the pear-trees heard, And clothed their naked boughs in new array Of blossom green-and-white, awaiting May. The pear-trees that were leafless all through March, And when mad April 'gainst the sky's blue arch Built up her rainbow house, as brides appear, Now that the master of all magic's here. May, the great juggler, takes a barren bough, Breathes, it is rosy with red hawthorn now; Becks with his finger, and the ringdove shows New colours, and new leaves forebode the rose. The pear-trees heard him when no others heard, Or none believed in the awakening word. The wind so long was rough, so cold the rain, They could not think that May would come again. But these believed ere yet they heard or saw, And a new beauty from their faith they draw; So that beholding them where white they stand Holding May's colours in a waking land--Men say who know not why they are more...

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