Counsels and Reflections of Francesco Guicciardini

9780217792615: Counsels and Reflections of Francesco Guicciardini

This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can usually download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1890 edition. Excerpt: ... NOTES. NO. 1. The siege of Florence by the united forces of Pope Clement VII. and the Emperor Charles V., which Guicciardini here refers to as having at the time he wrote lasted for seven months, began in October 1529, and did not terminate till the end of August 1530. This Reflection therefore was probably written in May or June 1530. The reference to the continued resistance of the Florentines in No. 136, and to the embassies of Carducci and others in No. 171, show that the whole series of Reflections, as far as the last-named number, must have been written or transcribed by Guicciardini in 1530 during the siege. From April to August 1530 the author was in Rome; see letter dated April 25, 1530, to his brother Jacopo, Op. Ined. x. 149, and subsequent letters to his brother Luigi, Op. Ined. ix. 148-156. 2. Cf. No. 246. 4. Cf. Nos. 291, 359. 5. Cf. Nos. 261-262. As to hope being a stronger stimulus than fear, cf. No. 62. 6. Cf. Nos. 117, 257, 343. 7-8. Cf. No. 310. 9. Cf. No. 322. 10. Cf. Nos. 292-293. 11. Cf. Nos. 265, 390. 13. Cf. No. 300. I do not find any such conversation recorded by Tacitus. Ha 14. Cf. No. 366. 15 16. Cf. Nos. 281-282; and see the Meditation (dated September 1527, at Finocchieto, "tempore pestis") printed in the Ricordi Autobiografici, Op. Ined. x. 125-126, where the same reflections occur in nearly identical terms. See also 1st. d Italia, Book viii. (vol. ii. p. 227): "Nelle cose che dopo lungo desiderio si ottengono, non trovano quasi mai gli uomini nč la gioconditā nč la felicitā che prima si avevano immaginata." 17. Cf. No. 279. This Reflection also will be found in the Meditation referred to in the preceding note. Op. Ined. x 121. 18. Cf. No. 301. 19. Cf. No. 380. 20. Cf. No. 277; and see...

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