John Emerson How to Write Photoplays

ISBN 13: 9780217850186

How to Write Photoplays

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9780217850186: How to Write Photoplays

This historic book may have numerous typos, missing text or index. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. 1920. Not illustrated. Excerpt: ... THE LOVE EXPERT T: THIS IS THE AGE OF SPECIALISTS. T: AND NO ONE NEED HOPE FOR A CAREER WHO DOES NOT SPECIALIZE ON SOMETHING. T: EVEN IN A MODERN YOUNG LADIES' BOARDING SCHOOL ONE WILL FIND THE SPIRIT OF EFFICIENCY. T: FOR INSTANCE, THERE IS THE ATHLETIC GIRL. 1. GYMNASIUM. (Fade in) girl exercising with pulley weights, dumb-bells, etc. Finally runs, jumps on trapeze and begins to do her stunts there. (Fade out.) T: THEN THERE IS THE INTELLECTUAL TYPE, WHO VIGOROUSLY EXERCISES HER MIND. 2. CLASS ROOM. Girl in spectacles at a blackboard with a book in her hand, working out a problem in geometry. (Fade out.) T: AND SO OUR HEROINE, BEING THOROUGHLY UP TO DATE AND HAVING CHOSEN LOVE AS HER CAREER, SPENDS HER TIME IN BECOMING AN EXPERT IN HER LINE. 3. THE GIRLS' BEDROOM. The room is the typical college dormitory room and contains three beds. In one of the beds is Babs, dressed in negligee and studying a little diary. She reaches underneath the mattress and takes out a couple of books, one "Poems of Passion," by Ella Wheeler Wilcox, and the other "What a Woman of Fifty Ought to Know." INSERT BOTH BOOKS. She finally chooses "Poems of Passion" and begins to read, and we insert particularly violent passage and show Babs thrilled to ecstasy over it. 4. HALLWAY OF SCHOOL One of the teachers (enters and rings a signal bell, or simply show the bell with a hand pulling a chain to ring it twice. 5. GYMNASIUM. Athletic girl stops exercise and runs out of the room. 6. CLASS ROOM. The intellectual girl quickly finishes her work and leaves. 7. GIRLS' BEDROOM. Babs still in bed, reading and making a note in her little diary. The athletic girl runs in, sees Babs in bed, goes to her and says: SP: "YOU SHOULD BE UP DOING YOUR EXERCISES." Babs looks at her, smiles pleasantly and says: ...

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