Schamyl and Circassia. Chiefly from dr. Wagner

9780217870016: Schamyl and Circassia. Chiefly from dr. Wagner

This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1854 Excerpt: ... TO THE CAUCASUS. 179 Azkhueri, fort in Achaltzik, on the road from Achaltzik to Gori. Bagdad, a Russian fort at the head of the Rion, in Immeretia. Baileth, a Russian station on the Ssupssa, in Guria, north of Esurgeth. Baindir, frontier aul south of Giimri, on the Arpa Tshaj. Bajasid, a Turkish fortress south of Ararat, on the road from Persia to Erzeroum. Bakoo, fortified town on the peninsula of Apsheron. Bakssan, Russian fort on the Kabardian frontier between Kamenoimost and Naltshik. Balakany, fort in the independent country of Kois sabui, on the frontier of subjected Arrakau. Bambori, Russian fort and seaport in Abchasia. Banduban, a frontier town in Georgia, on the road from Giimri to Achalkalaka. Barshli, aul in the subjected country of the Kutsch. Bash-kadyk-lav.--See Ughussly. Bashkitshe, a fort on the road from Banduban to Tiflis. Bosdy, station on the high road from Vladikaukas to Tiflis, north of Lars. Buranduk-kaleh.--See Djangatai. Burnaja, fortress near Tarku, protecting that place. Chalchala, rises in the central chain of the Caucasus, flows into the Ssuncha, opposite Umachanyurt. Chass, little Russian fort in the Kumiick country, on the Janaussu, at the frontier of the Tschetschna. Chasry and Chasireb, aul on the road from Achti to Derbena. CniDESSKARi, a mountain aul in Mingrelia, close by the Rion. 180 GEOGRAPHICAL GAZETTEER Chodsbal-machi, fort in the Dargo country, on the frontier of the free Andalat, Choi, Persian fortress between Marard and Bajasid, on the N. W. and Koshbab, S. W. Chont, a fortified place in Immeretia, where the roads from Poti, Anaklea, Hori, and Kutais meet. Choshadan-dary, fort near Shnsha. Chozatl, fort in the Awar country, on the Awarian Koissu, on the frontier of the free territory of the tribe Hidatl. Chumara...

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