The History and Description of Colchester (Volume 2); (The Camulodunum of the Britans, and the First Roman Colony in Britain, ) with an Account

9780217948708: The History and Description of Colchester (Volume 2); (The Camulodunum of the Britans, and the First Roman Colony in Britain, ) with an Account

This historic book may have numerous typos and missing text. Purchasers can download a free scanned copy of the original book (without typos) from the publisher. Not indexed. Not illustrated. 1803 edition. Excerpt: ...without any moleft-ation from himfelf, or his heirs, his juftices, efcheators, fheriffs, or any other his officers. Moreover he granted the burgefles of this burgh an exemption for ever, from muragef, picage, paagej, and all other impofitions on their goods and merchandifes, throughout the kingdom and other his dominions, and in all fea-ports. And that none of them ftiould plead, or be impleaded without the burgh, for any pleas, affixes, or plaints; nor for any lands or tenements within the burgh or its liberties; nor for trefpafles or contracts made within the faid burgh or liberties of the fame: and that when any affizes, or in-queft. were hold en, for any tenures, tref-+ Murage, a duty collected (upon carts and horfes coming through a town) for building or repairing the walls thereof. Picage, money paid for breaking the ground to fet up booths, ftails, Sec. in fairs. J Paagf, is fuppofed to be the fame as paflage. pafles pafles. contracts, or felonies committed within the burgh aforefaid, or its liberties, they Ihould not be made or holden by foreigners, but by burgefies of the burgh; un-lefs the affair concerned the king, his heirs or officers, or the community of the burgh. He alfo granted, that the aforefaid burgefles, and their heirs and fucceflbrs for ever ihould have in that burgh one fair every year to laft eight days, namely, the day before St. Dennis, on St. Dennis's day, and the fix days following; with all liberties and free cufloms belonging to fuch a fair: unlefs the fair Ihould be a hindrance to other neighbouring ones. EDWARD III. RICHARD II. and HENRY IV. were content with eftabliflung pur privileges, without enlarging them. HENRY V. confirmed them, with the following additions. That for the greater fafe-ty of the bailiffs,...

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